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Maine Coon Cats

Tricks and Tails provides infomation about breeding Maine Coon cats.

Though we are not actively breeding any more, we like to continue providing these information pages to share our experience and insigths developed over the years.
Character and health of our precious Maine Coons are of primary importance to us.

Maine Coon welcome pictures, depending on time of day

7 Maine Coon Kittens of Cheri

Your Maine Coon -- Could you do without it?

I love Maine Coons Heart


 your questions to Astrid & Leo!

Have fun, Astrid & Leo Straver, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

"A Cat To Fall In Love With..."

We welcome you as visitors since 3 Nov. 1997.

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Tricks and Tails Maine Coons, Astrid and Leo Straver
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FIFe -- Federation Internationale Feline

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