TC as a young male in Sweden

TC's Page

Imported from Sweden in September 1998, TC settled down at Tricks and Tails comfortably.
tc up close, 2.5 years

TC (2.5 years here) loves to play in our fenced garden, and rest from playing on the garden table. TC descents from old American, English and Swedish ancestors, which makes his pedigree very special to us.
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TC hanging out
1 year old

Asselies Tuscani   "TC"

5 months old 

Tunneling TC

TC is a very warm brown classic 
tabby with white 


Side view after birth
Right after birth.

TC still wet after his birth
The shape of the head looks promising.

These are TC's parents:
TC's mother

TC's Father Pongo

Mother: Ylletrollets Dexicali Rose

Father: Heavy Coon Thunderpaw

The Journey to Holland

Something out of the journey tales:

We picked him up by car and went by boat from Sweden to Germany on our way to Holland, altogether a trip of more then 30 hours.
We were very impressed to see how well this cat behaved during this long journey.

What do you mean "It is too dark to walk home"?
I have put on my head lights!

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