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Roy is a quite affectionate sweet purring boy, large for his age. He was born 4 April 2002. Roy was the last cat serving in our breeding program. Before his castration he provided stud service to a friend that is actively supporting outcross and foundation breeding.

Roy at the back Roy launching Roy paw
Pictures above from Feb 2004

Ch. Tricks and Tails
Rap Roy

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Roy is creme colored with a mackerel tabby pattern. 

Roy on Red
The picture with the dark background below is taken at a cat show by Marian Draat


Next to taking care about his own coat, Roy also likes to remodel human hair. In particular hair with gel seems to be irresistible.
Profile view
Roy in full coat

[ Have a look at me when I was younger ]

TT Health Logo Health test data for Roy (Born: 4-Apr-2002) (Explanation)
Year 2002 2003 2004
HCM     Feb: Free of HCM
Hips Oct: (OFA pre) Fair     
Patella   Nov: OK   
PKD     Feb: Free of PKD
Pedigree Statistics: COI: 11.2 % Clones: 26.6 % Top 5: 68.4 %

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