TC walking the roof

Cat on a Roof

The Roof Garden: The Place to be...

Fran on the boys section Our cats are the proud owners of their own roof garden of 30 m2 (323 sq.ft.) looking out over the street and our garden. It is divided in a section for the boys of 20 m2 and a section for the girls of 10 m2. On the boys' side the cats can go out by a cat flap in the door of the boys' room. On their side we have a foldable ping pong table and the cats love to chase those ping-pong balls.
step 1step 2step 3and outside! The girls can enter their section through an opening in the wall which ends in a small wooden house that hangs outside on the wall. Through a hole in the floor of this wooden house, the girls can jump on to a shelf and reach the their side of the roof garden.

In the winter time a magnetic cat door is inserted in the channel.
Roy playing on the roof garden The floor of the roof garden is covered with red rubber tiles that are a good isolation and do not get very cold in the winter. We have a small sink and a garden hose to clean the roof garden and to water the roof plants that are strong enough to resist the cats. Of course we have some special cat grass and bamboo for the cats to chew on.

Kendra climbing the fence The fencing is made of nylon material which is designed for outdoor bird aviaries in order to protect the birds from cats and other predators. It is very light material, but very strong as it is strong enough to carry our cats climbing the fence. Climbing the fence

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