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Is your cat safe in your garden?

Many people have asked us to publish how our garden was fenced to keep the cats safely inside. As in most cases, a picture tells a thousand words, so here they are.

Garden top view We start with a top view. On the pictures you see our garden surrounded by a wooden fence with shelves that are set alternately opposite to each other. It is better to have the shelves on one side, so cats can not stand eye to eye with cats on the other side of the fence.
Meanwhile we have reconstructed the fence to have exactly that.
Will it look like a prison?
Depends how you do it. If you keep the wiring mainly horizontally, you will not see too much of it. Nature will do the rest. Fast climbing plants will change your fence into an extension of your garden.

Do not use plants that may form big stems that are easy to climb for cats.
Roses covering the fence
A construction detail of the corner. The horizontal wiring is very sturdy and does not need support in the middle when bend like this.
The vertical wiring is much more flexible.
construction detail
Then, we wait for the sun to shine... wide view of the garden
Finally, when you have done all the work, you have to know how this all will end. While the cats are lounging in the comfortable chairs, you are lucky if you get to sit on the humble stools. sitting down finally

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