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21 May 2004
Borke's own web site
Borke has his own web site now on www.TricksAndTails.nl.
The pages are entirely in Dutch language. Most reference to the dog related pages have been moved to the new site. There are also new albums and new diary updates.

27 Apr 2004
A dog off the lease

Our pup Borke is now 11 weeks old. We are trying to keep him close without a lease...
His fourth album is on-line.

(The comments are in Dutch, but the pictures are multi-lingual.)

18 Apr 2004
Walking the Dog
Our pup Borke is now 10 weeks old.
His third album is on-line.
The comments are in Dutch, but the pictures are multi-lingual.

10 Apr 2004
Cats and Dogs
We put up some more pictures of Borke in our attempt to raise a puppy.
His second album is on-line.

09 Apr 2004
Articles: Testing for HD

An overview of how to test your cats for HD. This article is in Dutch language only.
Next time article (23-Apr-2004) will be bilingual.

More about articles...

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