ThumbNail of Mark

Maker's Mark

Mark is imported from Terrificats in Beaumont, Texas USA. Descending from lines with pure solid blacks, this is a truly solid black boy. Mark is named after a Bourbon Whisky, that we could not resist to take home with us.
We are very grateful to Mark's breeder Karen Crooke, not only for trusting us with this wonderful boy, but also for the hospitality and fun time we shared during our stay in her house and at the CFA International cat show in Houston.
Mark and the bottle

Terrificats Maker's Mark

Pick 'n Purr

Very affectionate boy that starts purring the moment you pick him up or even earlier.

Mark's Head
Mark purring whisky

Hit the bottle

Maker's Mark is a hand crafted bourbon whisky. If you hit the bottle, you can find some more information about the origin of Mark's name.
Pouring Mark

Meet Mark's Family

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