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Maker's Mark

Ch. Terrificats Maker's Mark

Pick 'n Purr

Very affectionate boy that starts purring the moment you approach him or even earlier.

Mark, 1 year mark, 1 year at the roof garden
Early spring on the roof garden.

At all the pictures on this page, Mark is about 1 year old.
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Mark, 1 year Mark really enjoys being at a cat show. Most pictures on this page are made by Marian Draat at a cat show.
Mark, 1 year, stretchingHaving a ball...

More about Mark and his family

TT Health Logo Health test data for Mark (Born: 23-Mar-2002) (Explanation)
Year 2002 2003 2004
HCM Oct: Clear Sep: Clear  
Hips Nov: PennHIP: DI=0.62, no DJD    
Patella Nov: Clear    
PKD To be tested when 1 yr old Sep: Clear  
Pedigree Statistics: COI: 7.1 % Clones: 21.0 % Top 5: 58.5 %

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