Maine Coon 2000

Kitten Show

Nieuwegein, The Netherlands, 24 September 2000
The Maine Coon Kitten Show is a unique opportunity for cat fanciers in the Netherlands to have a taste and feel of a nearly full grown cat show. It is a place where novices can learn from experienced breeders and exhibitors.

The Dutch Maine Coon Club has made this yearly event a real attraction, where newbies can have a chat with the judges while their cat is "on the table".
In this very relaxed atmosphere the goal is to introduce new cat fanciers to the cat show scene, and to inform them as much as possible about the way their cats are judged.

Here is how it was done ...
What your cat is judged on:
This year an excellent introduction was given by Tonja de Waard, explaining briefly the most important points of judging Maine Coons.
The head is a real dominant part of the cat from a judgment point of view.
40% of all possible points can be awarded for the head.

Here Tonja shows the muzzle, the Maine Coon's pronounced square area around the nose. 

Another required property is the concave form of the nose profile near the eyes.
It should be curved, not straight.

The tip of the nose and the chin should be in a vertical line.

Ear setting
The right ear setting should have an ear wide spacing between the ears. Also the orientation of the ears baseline is important.

The eyes should be fairly round and set slightly tilted in the head.

Rectagular body shape
The legs and body should form a rectangular frame.
The overall boning should be sturdy.

The coat should be semi long, longer on the ruff, britches and belly. Some young kittens need time to develop their coat.
(Ruff:  Front part of collar)
(Britches: The "pants" at the hind legs, down to the knees)

The hairs on the tail should be long and bushy.

The tail tip should reach between the shoulder blades. It is the real end of the tail bone that is considered, not the hairy bit of it!

Want to know more about the official standard?
FIFe Maine Coon Standard

Stretch your Coon
When you present your Maine Coon, it should be properly stretched.

This is also nice to show the cats overall balance.

Finally this boy has something to say to you:

I hope you will enjoy this show!


You made this a wonderful day, thank you JUDGES:
Magician, speak to us!!


Judge Ina van Berkum draws every cats 
attention while she chooses her best cats.
Judge Marino Koot flies 
  Tricks and Tails Archy Arrow around .
Judge Ietje Röhr enjoys cuddling 
Tricks and Tails Felicitas 
Judge Ietje Roehr
MAINE COON KITTEN SHOW 2000  --  An impression
Waiting can be fun, 
if you have a cat to comfort you
 Then they look...

and look...
and compare....
and measure...
and feel...
Your arms feel
heavier and heavier...

But you smile
"keep them flying."

Finally you can relax a bit,
but you hope 
for the second round.
But in the end
there can be only one.
Dark Raver van Coon Harbour
(Best of Best)

We congratulate the owners and breeders of the show winners! But winning is only a part of the show.
We want to express our admiration to the organizing committee that turned this show into such a useful and educational event for all participants. We hope that next year again, cat fanciers can have the opportunity to be introduced to the show scene.

That was really a great kitten show.

Astrid & Leo Straver

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