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Below is an explanation on the health data table that you can find on each of our cat pages. These tables exclude the standard tests on:

The right side of the example table below, contains the description and appropriate links to provide more detailed information

TT Health Logo Health test data for TC (Born: 13-Mar-1998) Explanation, references and frequency of testing.
Year 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 Year of test
HCM   Mar: Clear Apr: Clear Jan: Clear Jan: Clear Hypertrophic CardioMyopathy, Month of test and result. This disease inherits dominantly, but sometimes does not come to full expression quickly.Therefor this test needs to be repeated from time to time.
Hips (SKC) Prelim Clear Apr: (OFA pre) Fair      
Hip Dysplasia
SKC: Swedish Kennel Club, and organization that can also evaluate hip x-ray images
OFA: Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, our main resort to evaluate hip x-ray images. After an age of two years, it is unlikely the result will change significantly.
OFA-prel (preliminary) indicates a test result obtained before the age of two years
PennHip -- Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program.
X-ray photographs are made from several angles and positions, resulting in a distraction index (DI) and observations of DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease)
Average DI for Maine Coons is 0.61
Patella   Apr: Clear       Patellar Luxation : No significant changes are to be expected after maturity.
PKD       Jan: Clear   Polycystic Kidney Disease A test performed at the age of 1 year or older is decisive. No further testing will be needed.
Pedigree Statistics: COI: x.x% Clones: xx.x% Top 5: xx.x%     Coefficient Of Inbreeding, Clones percentage and Top_5 are indicators that enable us to analyze the quality of pedigrees with respect to genetic diversity.

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