Haley's Return


Winters Glow Haley's Return

At about one year of age, looking with disgust at the newly arrived dog.
Haley Side Haley is a grand daughter of Int. Ch. Tricks and Tails Sue Haley, and therefor a descendent of the first cats of Tricks and Tails. Sue is the daughter of Tricks and Tails Tomatina, who again is the daughter of our very first Maine Coon First Lady Francis.
Haley the lap hopper Haley's Return is one of the few plans you set out as a breeder and that really comes together.
We thank our friends Manon Leiner and Thai for breeding this lovely girl.

Haley in the wooden garden chair
4 Months old
Did you call me?
Touch my spot!

3 Months old
Haley on red
3 Months old
5 weeks old
Pedigree Statistics: COI: 7.68 % Clones: 19.3 % Top 5: 61.4 %

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