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Kalamazoo "Kendra"

Kendra is a F5 foundation girl and 1/4 of her pedigree consists of new foundation lineage. With Kendra our dream to own a very flashy brown patched/white girl finally came true! Much to our delight this purring sweet and playful girl, also has a pedigree with a lot of genetic diversity in it. When calculating her pedigree all the way back to foundation, the results are: 4.86% COI, 49.4% Top 5 and 17.2% clones.

Kendra's nestWho said only birds build nests?
Profile at 11 months
Kendra at 11 months

It almost feels as if we have bred Kendra ourselves, as we have bred her mother Int. Ch. Tricks and Tails Felicitas (aka Fleece) and Fleece's parents Int.Ch. Asselies Tuscani and Gr.Int.Ch. Rapsody The Nature Cat are residing in our home.Kendra, 12 weeks

When Kendra's sire Miaka Auro Rousso (aka Spot) arrived in The Netherlands we picked him up from Schiphol along with his owner Tonja de Waard (Charming Coon cattery). We also visited the Miaka cattery in November 2002 and enjoyed meeting Spot's breeder Suzanne Thornburg and her human and feline family.

Touch of Magic Kalamazoo

Kendra at the Pond Nevertheless all credit for this wonderful and perfectly socialized girl should go to her breeder Mieke Pex! As Mieke lives in the same city as we do, we had the opportunity to see the kittens almost every week when they were growing up. We are very grateful for Mieke's patience when we could not decide which of the 3 girls in the litter to select and she reserved all 3 of them for us. At the age of 15 weeks and after having the hips of the 3 girls checked by Dr. Ingrid Putcuyps in Belgium (all 3 had hips showing no signs of HD at this preliminary test) we made our final choice. We selected Kendra with her easygoing character, long body and tail as well as a nice set of ears and those gorgeous flashy colors!
Yeah!! I am so fast, they named one of the greatest racing circuits after me!>>> kendra's fly

Touch of Magic Kalamazoo

Nickname Kendra Show Parents and Family
Color Brown patched classic tabby with white Show pedigreepedigree{short description of image}
TT Health Logo Health test data for Kendra (Born: 5-Mar-2002) (Explanation)
Year 2002 2003 2004
HCM   Sep: Clear  
Hips Jul: Vet approved Sep: OFA Good  
Patella   Sep: Clear  
PKD   Sep: Clear  
Pedigree (F5 foundation)
Pedigree Statistics: COI: 3.1 % Clones: 17.2 % Top 5: 49.4 %

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