Delphy Dawn

Delphy -- after Delphinium, a plant with blue flowers.
Delpy in our garden
Delphy is a very sweet and affectionate blue classic tabby female, who loves to be around people and other cats. She is a very easy going girl with good solid boning, ears with big lynx tips, lots of coat and a long bushy tail. She likes to play with toys and loves to hang out in our completely fenced garden.
Delphy was born 9 March 2001 in a litter of 5 kittens. Her father is our male Int.Ch. Asselies Tuscani (aka TC) and her mother is our Gr.Int.Ch. Rapsody The Nature Cat. Delphy is in perfect health and condition and was recently updated on her vacinations. We have decided not to breed Delphy and therefore she is spayed.

Delphy enjoying the roof garden

Sire: Int. Ch. Asselies Tuscani (TC)
Dam: Gr. Int. Ch. Rapsody the Nature Cat
Siblings: Cloud Master, Flashback, LightShip, Avio Led

Ship, Master and Avio On the left are litter mates Ship, Master and Avio.

Delphy's pedigree

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