Headbuts from Cheri

Maine Cheri

Sitting at the Pond Disturbed at the Pond
At the pond. Thinking about catching a big fish.
Cheri 1y in the garden Cheri's favorite occupation when in the garden: chasing frogs near the pond...
Doublebee Maine Cheri is a daughter of an F1 foundation girl called "Sunnyside Up of Find Us" and our male "TC".
A real cherry Cheri joined the clan at Tricks and Tails on 28 Dec 2001
"Live is like a box of chocolates:
You never know what you're gonna get!"

(Forest Gump)
"Mon Cheri" is a chocolate specialty well known in Europe. It is a milk chocolate praline with a brandy filling and a whole cherry center...Hmmm!
Pin-up at 9 moths...
pin-up, 9 months
Do you like to know more about why we are importing foundation stock?
Have a look at our health pages concerning genetic diversity.
Cheri at 4 weeks
Cheri at 4 weeks, 14 weeks
and at 8 to 9 months
Cheri at 8 months
Front, 14 weeks
Cheri 8 moths

Doublebee Maine Cheri

Nickname Cheri Show Parents and Family
Color Brown patched classic tabby
Pedigree F2 foundation girl, 8.2% clones, 30.2% Top 5 Show pedigreepedigree
Cheri plate
TT Health Logo Health test data for Cheri (Born: 20-Sep-2001) (Explanation)
Year 2001 2002 2003
HCM   Oct: Clear Sep: Clear
Hips   Jun: OFA-prel: Fair  
Patella   Oct: Clear  
PKD   Oct: Clear  
Pedigree (F2 foundation)
Pedigree Statistics: COI: 0.0 % Clones: 8.2 % Top 5: 30.2 %

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