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Miaka Boo Berry Hill

Boo has landed!!

Beginning of December 2001 we fetched Boo from the Miaka cattery in sunny Florida. It was a great pleasure to meet Boo's breeder Suzanne Thornburg, and we are enchanted that she entrusted us with this beautiful F2 foundation girl.
On this page you can enjoy the pictures taken during our trip!
There is also a page with Boo's relatives, so you can learn more about her foundation background.

At these pictures Boo is 11 months old. More pictures will follow when Boo has settled in some more.
See you later - on Boo's page!

Boo front view
Boo on the Carpet Boo's mother is a first generation foundation cat, denoted as F1. Boo her self is denoted as F2.
A foundation Maine Coon descends from parents that are very close to their origin. They are the building blocks of any breed.
In the Maine Coon breed it is still possible to enter new foundation cats in the registry. These cats provide new bloodlines that enriches the genepool of the breed.

Boo Head Do you like to know more about why we are importing foundation stock?
Have a look at our health pages concerning genetic diversity.
Miaka Boo Berry Hill
Nickname Boo Show Parents and Family
Color Dilute tortoiseshell with white
Pedigree F2 foundation girl, 0.8% clones, 3.7% Top 5 Show pedigreepedigree
Qualifications OFA preliminary good hips
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