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Cara The Black Mask

Terrificats La Mascara Negra (The Black Mask)

CaraShow pedigree was imported from Texas USA. When she arrived we sat down with her in our computer room, and she immediately showed her twenty toe typing skills. A bunch of extra characters and a picture lost in less than a second. How is that for introducing yourself?!

"Are you sure you can type quicker than I can?" 

Color genetics for beginners:
Take a Black Father and a Black Mother, and guess what are the possible colors of the kittens? (Answers down this page)

Black Cat on a black floor....
Is this scratching pole for me alone?

Cara was born on October 12, 1999. We have been waiting for this special combination for more than two years. The pictures on display here are taken on the day of Cara's arrival.
Cara has a rather unusual pedigree with 7% clones and 49 % top-5. She is from good old American lineage, without new foundation lines mixed into her pedigree. Her father was tested clear of signs of HCM at the age of 12 years and her mother at the age of 8 years. Due to this pedigree, her type is much more moderate than today's high clone showwinner.

 Below are Cara's parents.
Johny Walker Black, 9 years
Joya, 7 years
Father: RW-GC Terrificats Johnny Walker Black, 9 yearsShow Pedigree
Mother: RW-GC  Terrificats La Joya Negra,
DM , 7 yearsShow Pedigree
Answer to the question: This combination can only yield Solid Black or Solid Blue kittens

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