ThumbNail of Bo

Bo The Bear

Tricks and Tails Bo The Bear

Bo The Bear is scaring us to death with his wild actions all through the house.
No computer keyboard is safe anymore.   
Bo at 15 weeks, exploring the garden
See my tail? -- Watch my tricks!
Hey,... what to do next?
Don't start without me!
Bo at 11 weeks

Bo was born on November 5, 1999, weighing 120 grams. As he looked like a little bear right from the start, we decided to name him "Bo The Bear". Even as a newborn he liked to be in our hands and cuddled.
Bo's mother is First Lady Frances, his father Hackmatack Crackerjack. Crackerjack's mother is a 100% foundation cat from Maine. If you are interested in how such a foundation pedigree looks, click on Crackerjack's pedigree symbol below.
Just like Franny, Crackerjack has OFA certified good hips.
At the age of 5 years Franny's heart was sonogrammed, and no signs of HCM were found.
We hope that Bo will grow up to be a healthy big boy, and will be looking after his foundation great-great-grandfather Seedrack >>>
Thunderpaw Seedrack, 9 years> 
Crackerjack in full coatShow Pedigree
Franny, 2.5 years
Father: Hackmatack Crackerjack, 9 months
Mother: Kellycoons First Lady Frances
Crackerjack in summer outfit
Hackmatack Crackerjack, 15 months.

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