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Hi, I am Becky. I have been staying here at Tricks and Tails with my sister Delphy for a bit longer to find out who of us would be staying as a breeding cat. Now, the Board of Wise Cats has decided my sister has to stay, so I have been looking for a new home!
Fortunately, I have now found a home with nice people and a dog.

I wil be moving soon!
Becky sitting up
Becky's Tail
Tricks and Tails FlashBack
Character Sweet and affectionate
Temperament Playful and naughty
Behavior Comes often to you just to say hello
Speedtyping 600 char/min on regular keyboard
Behavior towards other cats Not dominant, but always there. Gets along with all our cats.
Favorites Daddy TC and sister Delphy, toys and our fenced garden.
Nickname Becky
Hobby Biting in socks, preferably when moving toes are present
Sports Jumping onto high furniture
Qualifications Garden pond speed diving certificate
Becky skew head

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