Moving the Kits

Our girls are always moving their kittens, it seems to run in the family. This is natural behavior, but you have to know what you are doing!

A short course in moving your kittens in 3 easy steps.

Dragging kittens just as a real Big Cat Step 1. This is the correct grip. A tender but firm bite. 
Look carefully how the pro's are doing this. 
The kittens head  should bend over slightly. 
Let's go... Step 2. Lift the kitten partly of the floor. Convince your kitten this move is necessary. Bite a bit harder when it refuses to cooperate. Don't start moving before the kitten gives in and relaxes
Target locked... Step 3.  
Total lift off. You're on your way! 
Be determined and focus on your target. 
Advanced exercises Advanced exercises. 
Make a few test drives before you try this.  

Stairs are not for beginners. 

More Advice 
Don't try to count if you have moved all your kittens. Cats are not good at counting. Just check back several times on the old spot. 
Don't talk to strangers while moving. When you open your mouth you will drop your kitten!

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