"Have no break, have a Zapucino!"
Cino close up
Tricks and Tails Zapucino, born 14 Sep. 1997
Owned by Anneke and Rob de Bruin.
Pictures by Anneke and Rob de Bruin.
 The people who are spoiling me these days wanted me because I am a son of Tomatina. They knew my mom is a very active cat, and they wanted a new cat that would not be an eat-and-sleep-only type. Boy, what a funny couple they are. I live together with my aunt Tracy and even though she is already a quite active cat they still wanted me. So now I am keeping myself to my part of the deal. I will be active -- more active than they ever had hoped for...
Cino, 4 Months
Best of Best in Dutch Maine Coon Club Kitten Show   (Nieuwegein (NL), 50 kittens, 30 May 1998)
Cino Waving his Tail Best Adult Semi Long Hair FIFe Cat Show   (Beverwijk (NL), over 200 semi long hair adults, 27 Sep. 1998)

Cino, 10 Months 

Zapucino is my name,

but they call me Cino for short, next to a few other nicknames. I have got this funny name because my color reminded my people of light cappuccino and I also look a bit like my uncle Zappa - who is not my uncle really, (he could not be, not even if he wanted to). I just call him uncle because he is older and lived with me in the same house when I was a cute little kitten.
Tracy and Cino at the garden pond
Tracy and Cino ponding away (18 and 8 months)
Tricks and Tails Star Tracer   "Tracy"
"You can call me Aunt..."
Cino and Traci looking skew
I can visit the Garden regularly. My people have fenced it properly and they say it is impossible to escape.
After thorough investigation I have to admit this is true, even my Aunt has to agree, be it reluctantly.

The Garden is a Sacred place for cats, a place of changes that we like to watch -- just in case any assistance is needed.

Cino on the Garden side table
7 months + Aunt Tracy
7 months
Cino's full body People always wonder why I am so heavy, because they feel the weight, but feel no fat. Well don't tell anyone, but I have some steel in my bones.
4 months
Look at my litter mates and parents

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