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We are talking about Big Cats

 Zappa standing proudShow Pedigree

Pr. Patchwork Zappa
Being a kitten out of a litter of ten (yes 10!!), Zappa was partly raised with the bottle. We wonder if this is one of the reasons for having such a lovable character. Zappa really likes to be combed!!

Zappa's Page

Zappa is a red silver classic tabby.

Zappa and Roses Roses and flowers in general do not last very long in our house.
Can you imagine how many of these tiny white blobs a cat can tear off in a few minutes of joyful playing?

That's why we cherish these kind of pictures.

Though Zappa can be quite active, most of the time he is a dreamer -- Oh, sorry, a philosopher that is. 
Zappa doing  'The Wave'
Maybe that is what you tend to do once you are neutered.
Zappa, 7 months
A Clean Shot at Dirty Feet Huh?  What do you mean - clean my feet first??
I stayed almost all the time on the tiles!!

(Didn't the Black Feet indians live in Maine?)

Unfortunately Zappa died due to FIP in the spring of 2000. We will remember him for his joyful character and the way he made us laugh. {short description of image}

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