How it all started...

After 14 years with several cats we decided to get ourselves a pedigreed cat. In 1993 we went to several cat shows to find out what kind of breed we wanted. At one of those shows we fell in love with a big red Maine Coon: Guldfakse Billy Boy. Now that was the kind of cat we wanted! We visited several breeders and in 1994 our Franny entered the house, a great-grand- daughter of Billy Boy. Her official name is Kellycoons First Lady Frances and when in 1996 our last Household Pet Piepie died of old age, she really became the First Lady of the house. We had decided to get a female, because we only wanted one litter...
We did not want to show, however realizing that we would probably have no idea what male would suit her best, we decided to visit 3 shows. That would also tell us if her type was good enough to breed her, because we definitely wanted to breed a good type MC.

Guldfakse Billy Boy
(Cover of Felikat Magazine)
Zappa at his first show
Well the first show was horrible, we had no idea what to do, how the catalog worked etc. But the judges really liked our Franny, so we decided to do it again. By then we got to know more and more people and started to enjoy ourselves at Cat Shows! We also learned a lot more about the type of the Maine Coon. 
After 14 years with cats we thought that no cat could surprise us. Well we did not get a cat, we got a Maine Coon! She really surprised us, the little clown. She followed us where ever we went and was extremely playful and naughty. Every time when she had pulled one of her naughty Tricks she came to us with that long Tail of hers waving in the air... 

Now who can be angry then, we just could not. 

By the time we had to think about a cattery name we ended up with Tricks and Tails, because those were the most striking properties of our first Maine Coon lady. We later found out that all our Maine Coons have these special characteristics. 

After our first litter, from which we kept our 'tomato-red' Tomatina, we were completely addicted to breeding and showing.

All around us we saw many new breeders gathering a lot of cats in a short while and we decided not to move too fast.

The Dutch catteries from which we had achieved our first Maine Coons: Kellycoons from Joke Lugtenburg and Patchwork from Anneke Kuys were great mentors! We felt that it was very important to have an experienced breeder to learn from and we received a lot of help, also from other breeders.

More information about Tricks and Tails:

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