The Boys @ Tricks and Tails Retired:
Oldies & Goldies

Somewhere in a cat's life it is time to retire from active breeding and lay back. Actually these cats are not so old when they retire, and they certainly do not act old.
Below are our "Retired Boys"
TC's Head Int. Ch. Asselies Tuscani (TC)
Brown classic with white male imported from Sweden. Our "Professional member of staff" retired 7 april 2003.

Below are our "Retired Girls"
''Granny'' Franny Kellycoons First Lady Frances (Franny, alias "Heywhatyurupto") in Dutch literature better known as "Heewadoejeda". Franny has written some "tricky stories" in the magazine of the Dutch Maine Coon Club called "It's Coontime!"
Tomatina in full coat Tricks and Tails Tomatina,the equally naughty daughter of Franny. Is always fine-tuning on inherited Tricks. Follows us all around where ever we go. Always in for some action.
Toma prefers a more quiet life and is living together with Tricks and Tails Cloud Master as "queen of the house".
The Cat of the Basketville Gr.Int.Ch. Rapsody The Nature Cat. A more modest but very typified cat imported from Denmark. Fails to understand any Dutch instructions, but knows the words for fun and food in almost every language. We fell in love with her when she was 9 weeks old on our holidays in Scandinavia.

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