About Pedigrees...

We have put up Picture Popping Pedigrees of the cats we show on our pages, together with the pictures of their ancestors when available.

When you see the Pedigree Symbol next to a photograph on any page, just click it to pull up the pedigree.

Line chasers may want to go directly to the pedigrees by selecting the links below:

G i r l s
Winter's Glow Haley'sReturn
Tricks and Tails Rap Lola
Touch of Magic Kalamazoo
Doublebee Maine Cheri
Gr. Int. Ch. Rapsody the Nature Cat
Tricks and Tails Tomatina
Kellycoons First Lady Frances
B o y s
Ch. Terrificats Maker's Mark
Ch. Tricks and Tails Rap Roy
Int. Ch. Asselies Tuscani
More information about Foundation Cats and Clones in our pedigrees

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