Meet the Boss!

Tricks and Tails

Tricks and Tails is a joint venture of Astrid & Leo. Together we do all the work involved.

Active with Cats

Over the years we have developed our own specialties in "cattery management": Astrid works 3 days a week as a consultant in the road haulage industry, which gives her plenty of time for feline activities. These vary from the tedious cleaning of the house (cat hair all over the place), to some more interesting things: With Swedish Maine Coon breeder and FIFe semi long hair judge Ulrika Olsson, she maintains The Maine Coon database. This involves entering and checking many pedigrees.

Public activities

As an active member of the Dutch Maine Coon Club, Astrid is one of the members of the Breeders Advisory Committee that strives to promote and protect the Maine Coon breed and educates new owners and breeders of Maine Coons. Over the years her articles have been published in It's Coontime (quarterly magazine of the Dutch Maine Coon club), Felikat Magazine (our Dutch FIFe club magazine), Scratch Sheet (magazine of the Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association) and Maine Coon International.

Astrid & TC

Boss??  Who's the Boss anyway??  Slaves to the cats...

Web pages

Leo works full time as an application scientist, which unfortunately leaves him less time to do the things that have grown into a big hobby. As Tricks and Tails web site manager Leo is constantly working on our web site in order to improve things and to adjust new information. The Hip Reference pages he created on our site, showing Maine Coon hips X-rays rated by OFA, are often visited by Maine Coon breeders and their vets. Leo also did part of the programming work for our database. Most of the pictures on our web site are made by Leo, who is by far more patient to wait for that perfect moment. Sometimes Astrid helps to create those perfect moments, especially when we are trying to make semi professional pictures of our cats posing for us.

The Making of the web site

Leo & Roy in the designing stage of the webpages

Symmetry chalenged Cat "My profession involves a lot of dealing with symmetry. Usually I try to keep my professional work well separated from my hobbies, but this one I could not resist."

A symmetry chalenged cat

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