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Here I am, 7 months old, hanging out in my hammock.
I love to jump into it, letting it dangle all the way.
On the cat tree at sub top levelMaui is a very relaxed and affectionate girl that came to us all the way from sunny California. Due to an Airline mistake it took her almost 2 days to arrive here. In spite of the troublesome journey she settled into our home at the speed of a flashy twister. Maui on her chair
Maui Mango
(6 months)
Ears, more ears,..Maui
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In October 1998 we visited Gayla Pierce of Lagunacoon in California and fell in love with her Xuxa.
For an entire year we dreamt about a cat like that, and then her granddaughter was born.
What name would suit here?

Gayla told us about the local expression:
"Here today, gone to Maui"
Hence we chose the name Maui Mango.

Maui is a rich girl,
because she owns three well flourishing Companies on the island Maui (Hawaii)

Lagunacoon Maui Mango is a very flashy brown patched girl. Where did she get this spectacular color? Is it the Californian sun? The Mango Touch? The Hawaiian Magic? Or can it be just genetic? We hope for the last!
Turn Tail
Flashy colors at the back

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