Rapsody's Five of TC -- at 11 weeks

The first litter of our male TC (Int. Ch. Asselies Tuscani) and the second litter of Gr. Int. Ch. Rapsody The Nature Cat was born 14 Feb 2000, Valentine's Day.
Calvin Cupid Wisteria It is early May and spring has reached Holland. The kittens love to play in the garden and chase each other running around the pond.

Yes -- they do fall in to the pond from time to time. Cupid and Fleece were first to dive in, the others are still waiting for the water to get a bit warmer.


Ok, we have posed for the pictures,


Can we go back now to serious business??
Names in this picture

Rapsody drinking water from the pond Mom Rapsody, like all other cats, is enjoying the water from the pond.

We fail to understand why this water is so much better than the fresh water in the water dish, but who are we to argue?

(Check back for more pictures of these kittens later...)
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Pictures at 11 weeks

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