Toma's Sue 
of Nimitz

Comet (Sue) Haley The litter of Tricks and Tails Tomatina and Alberlee Nimitz was born on 20 Feb. 1999.
It was a whole litter of one little girl! You can imagine that with this litter size no kittens were available anymore for placement and we had to disappoint several people. Well, you can't rule nature. Let's hope for better luck next time.
Here is the pedigree of Sue Haley:A Tricks and Tails Pedigree
Sitting on the sofa
1 day old
Meanwhile, the girl has grown, and her proud owner 
Manon Leiner took her to a professional photographer...

At 11 weeks and at one day old 
  Pin up Girl at 8 months

Sue in a garden chair

Sue at an age of 4 years and 4 months in her garden.

Sue in the garden

Alberlee Nimitz
Father: Alberlee NimitzShow the pedigree
Color: Silver Classic Tabby
OFA Preliminary Good Hips
Tricks and Tails Tomatina
Mother: Tricks and Tails TomatinaShow the pedigree
Color: Red Mackerel Tabby
OFA Certified Good Hips

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