Rapsody's Six of Rebel

Kittens about 6weeks old.


Here are pictures taken when the kittens are about 6 weeks old.

At this age the kittens start to terrorize the house! They are strong enough to climb up to things and then jump down from it without hurting them selves. Watch your moves as kittens are chasing by. Hide and Seek 
Nello playing Hide and Seek
They also know where to find the toilet boxes, so we gradually reduce the amount of boxes while increasing the size.


exploring heights
The daily trips are getting further and higher each time.
Clody relaxing after playing
Cloudy on her "cloude nine"
5 in a Basket
"Yes, we know. 
You said before this basket is getting a bit small. 
We are just so attached to its lovely smell. 
And if you hang out a bit over the side, 
it is still not too bad..."
Here are some more pages with pictures of these kittens at various age.
Newborn & Parents
3 weeks old
4 weeks old
6 weeks old
11 to 12 weeks old
(Continuing story in preparation -- sorry, we still have to grow...)

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