Rapsody's Six of Rebel

Kittens almost 12 weeks old.

The incredible story of a photo session where no kitten jumped away.
Here are pictures taken when the kittens are from 11 to 12 weeks old.
Jester and Canto
Jester and Canto
- All right guys, today we are doing one more photo session.
- NO!, not again, please, we are still tired from the previous one! Besides there are a lot of other much more important things we have to do, you know...
- Hmmm, let me see. I make you a deal. You all stay on the ironing board for as long as it takes without jumping off again and again, and we let you play in the garden afterwards.
What do you say??.. -- I say "on your marks!"
Six on a row
- Right. We're done, ain't we?
- Come on, wait a minute! Just a few more!...
Cloudy up close
Black tabby power
- Hey!! You said it would be a snap and we could play in the garden!
Harvey and Scotty
- Yeah, you promised, this is taking really long already. We need a break first!
- All right guys.
Take five.

I can't make pictures when you keep your eyes closed all the time

Take 5 guys - Lets have a nap guys.

I have my doubts if we really can get to play in that garden.

push and jump - Listen carefully.

I push him first, and then we all jump and run to the garden.

The  garden view Six - If you ask me, they do not even know the difference between playing in the garden and playing in front of the garden.

Here are some more pages with pictures of these kittens at various age.

Newborn & Parents
3 weeks old
4 weeks old
6 weeks old
11 to 12 weeks old

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