Tomatina's Five of Storm.


Our third litter is of  American Beauty Jumpin' Jack  x  Tricks and Tails Tomatina.
The kittens, five boys, were born on the 14th of september 1997.

From left to right: 
Rapsody the Nature Cat and 
Tomatina's Five of Storm: 
Zapucino  "Cino"
Avanti Rosso  "Avanti"
Tomadino "Dino"
Argentino "Genti"
Pavarossi "Rosco"
Tomatina's Five of Storm in Pagode Formation

So this time it was "All Boys" and "All Reddish"!
(Creme silver mackerel, Red mackerel, Red silver classic)

 Tricks and Tails Tomadino Tricks and Tails Tomadino, 6 weeks

There is a time you have to play and there is a time you have to sleep.
And when it is time to sleep it is time to sleep - no matter what.

Tricks and Tails Zapucino Zapucino, 8 weeks

And after looking at all those reddish kittens, you wonder how the father would look like, don't you?
Surprise, surprise, but for the color of the male kittens the color of the father is of no importance. But three of the boys got the silver from their father. On the picture father Storm is four and a half year old - and look at that still wonderful ear set!

American Beauty's Jumpin' Jack  - The proud fatherJumpin' Jack - Black Silver Classic

Here are some pictures taken around the time the boys were leaving for their new homes.

Zapucino, 14 weeks
Zapucino in his new home
Pavarossi, 12 weeks
Pavarossi, preparing to leave
Look at Zapucino at his new home

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