Franny's Four of Bugs


Nifty, Cracker and Tracy 4 on a row is so hard to do...

This is Franny's second litter consisting of:
Nifty Night,   Crackerjack,   Star Tracer   and   Miz Fizgig.

Tracy, Fizzy and Cracker 

Cracker on grass 

Tricks and Tails Crackerjack and Tricks and Tails Star Tracer

Both are very happy to be in the garden. Butterflies beware...
Tracing Butterflies 

Father Bugs Bunny has white gloves, but non of the kittens inherited any of this. We guess he put off his gloves during the mating!

Bugs Bunny in an adoration session. 

McKittycreek Bugs Bunny 

From time to time Bugs holds his famous adoration sessions. Bugs is held here by one of his admirers who is begging for one of his kittens. -- You have to say PLEASE !! 

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