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Maine Coon

The Maine Coon Database

The Maine Coon Database. More than 85.000 cats online, maintained by
Ulrika Olsson  (Ylletrollets) and many volunteers


Hibou's search page for Maine Coon Cats.

MCLC Home Page

Maine Coon Line Chaser's Home Page.


Universal Pedigree Converter

A free program promoting the exchange of Cat database information amongst breeders, converting pedigree software of various origin. 


A very versatile pedigree program. The original version was used at Tricks and Tails to support The Maine Coon Database.


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Cat Pregnancy Calendar

Shows pregnancy development  and predicts delivery date.

Kitten Calendar

Shows kitten development after birth with day to day progress.

Graphics at CatStuff 

More than 1500 cat graphics for free. Loads of Icons, Banners, Lines and Animations.





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National Library of Medicine

A searchable archive of all kind of articles about health in general. Add "cat" to your search.

Local Vets (USA)

Vet directory, located near you.


A Dutch organisation dedicated to the health of cats.

HCM (Heart disease)

Feline heart health explained. About Feline Hypertrophic CardioMyopathy

Feline Advisory Bureau

HCM explained at the FAB


Feline Hip Dysplasia information from Pawpeds


Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Evaluates X-ray photographs of cat hips. Information about Hips Dysplasia (HD).

Feline Advisory

Over 45 information sheets on feline health.

Plants toxic for cats

Check out if your house is safe for cats.


A web site explaining about alternative veterinary 

Winn Feline Foundation

Contains reports of scientific studies on cat diseases.

American Association of Feline Practitioners

Feline medicine and surgery.

Cornell Feline Health Center

Veterinary Medical Specialty Center at Cornell University New York.

Guide to Cat Health

A portal to cat health from the Home Services Engine.

Cat Resource Page

Cat Care and Welfare.

Vet Info for cats

Veterinary information for cat owners

Article:Genetic Diversity

The dark side of inbreeding

Article: The Ins and Outs of Pedigree Analysis, Genetic Diversity, and Genetic Disease Control

Getting what you want from your breeding program

Maine Coons


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Maine Coon Heritage Site

Dedicated to providing outcross information for breeders, to insure a healthy genetic heritage.

Maine Coon FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions.

CFA Breed Profile

General info about the Maine Coon.

CFA Breed Standard

Technical descriptions of the breed, type, color, show point assignment etc.

FIFe Breed Standard

TICA Breed Standard


Native Maine Coon Cat Association, supports and assists foundation breeders.


The Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association.

Maine Coon Mailing Lists

Directed towards breeders and fanciers. Discusses specifical issues concerning breeding Maine Coons: line chasing, health, birth announcements, show brags etc. 

Mcats Mailing List
(How to subscribe)

Discusses more general issues related to Maine Coons. The place for fanciers to try first. This list generates lots of E-mail daily.

Mcats Photo Mailing List
(How to subscribe)

For people who love to receive pictures of Maine Coon cats, and have no problems in opening picture attachments. 

Mclc Mailing List
(How to subscribe)

For Maine Coon Line Chasers (Pedigree info)

Breeder Lists


Cat Clubs


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Rasclub Maine Coon (RMC)
(Dutch language)
Dutch Maine Coon Club

List of Feline www sites

Lots of links about cats.

European Cat Fancy

Breeders Lists and Home Page Services


English and Dutch language version of the:
Nederlandse Vereniging van Fokkers en Liefhebbers van katten.


Federation Internationale Féline.

Internet Cat Club

Links about Health, Breeding, Showing...


Fanciers Breeder Rereral List.

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