Stepper and Rista

Rista Stripe


Step On It

Raised with the bottle

Some kits have all the luck. Some kits have little.
The kittens here are raised by hand, as their mother died after a cesarian operation that saved their lives.
Autopsy revealed she was in perfect health, but over-reacted to the anaesthesia

Day and night

It is a mayor achievement to be able to raise a litter without a mother cat. It will deprive you from your good night rest for a long time.

Stripe nursed by Frits

Feeding every 3 hours

For us this would be too much demanding. We were very fortunate that Lia van Reenen and her husband Frits were generous enough to take the challenge of taking care of these kittens.

Lia in action with Stepper

More than supplying milk

Even though it is difficult enough to supply milk to the kittens in a controlled way, young kittens can not discharge them selves. They have to be stimulated to do so.

Stripe pushing the bottle

Rubbing bottoms and bellies

That means an even longer time than feeding is spent in stimulating the kittens to discharge, and cleaning them up.

Stripe and Stepper together on the table

Growing up

While all the caring feels at some stage an endless and hopeless chain of sleepless nights, suddenly also these kittens are getting handsome.

Sitting in the basket

Rista Stripe managed to use all her charmes to stay in the house where she was raised

I am coming to get that toy...

Did you make that funny sound?

Stripe on the table

Stripe and Stepper on the bed


You called?

Finally you all get to see the toy that draws their attention all the time

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