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Hips Feline Hip Dysplasia in its various shapes

Why this page?
Many people do not know what good or bad hips look like. Therefore, and to help educate our visitors, this reference page was developed. When completed, this page will contain X-rays of the various OFA grades of cat hips.
We hope this site is informative to you, our visitor. We also hope that it will assist breeders in making the decision to have their cats hips evaluated as well.
Why evaluation by the OFA?
The specialists at the OFA provide an independent standard. That is why all breeders are encouraged to send their X-rays for evaluation to the OFA.
The X-ray pictures below are examples of the various OFA hip gradations.
Select two pictures:
Excellent Hips
Good Hips
Fair Hips
Borderline HD
Mild HD
Moderate HD
Severe HD
X-ray Zoomwindow 1 X-ray Zoomwindow 2
Show left joints
Show right joints
Beware: Both hip sides of a cat are usually NOT equally affected. Therefore be careful when comparing these pictures!

Since the fine details are lost in the photographs shown here, they are only meant to give you the 'big picture'. The trained eye of a specialist will extract much more information from the original pictures than you can possibly see here.

Hip Dysplasia (HD) is usually associated with dogs. Its occurrence in other breeds, including cats, is less well known. Due to the cat's flexible constitution the effects of hip dysplasia are hardly recognized, even when the hip joints are noticeably affected. To prevent the intrusion of HD, several Maine Coon breeders have started to test their cats.
Fortunately breeders can reduce the risks significantly through the use of X-ray photography, and then only using cats with hips rated Excellent, Good or Fair for breeding.
More information on HD and related links

HELP!! Please provide us with your scans, so we can complete this page. We still need an example of "Borderline HD"
E-mail us when you have additional X-ray photographs or suggestions for this page.

We would like to thank all the breeders who provided these X-ray pictures.
Because of you, we were able to create this page.

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