Our Favorite Hips

X-ray photographs (radiographs) provide a way to "look" inside the cats body. The actual pictures show much finer nuances, that unfortunately get lost in the process of scanning the images. Still you can see some of the important details.

Point to the picture below to get
a detailed view of the hip joint.
These are X-ray pictures of First Lady Frances for evaluation by the OFA in order to check on Hip Dysplasia (HD).

X-ray left sideX-ray right side
X-ray - x-Ray x-rAy x-raY
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Our breeding cats have been X-rayed and showed no signs of hip dysplasia.
You can find an overview of their test results at the end of their respective pages.


Do you want to check your cats hips as well?
Help to keep the breed healthy?
Here is what you have to do:
X-rayHow to evaluate your cats' hips

Wonder how bad hips look like?
X-rayThe Hip Reference Page
X-rayThe Feline Hip Dysplasia Awareness web site

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