Gr.Int.Ch.Rapsody TheNature Cat

Rapsody is our first imported cat. 
She is obsessed by our garden frog that is hiding near our small pond. Here she sits on the watch on top of her pedestal.

My Pedigree (Pedigree)

Rapsody, at age of 3 years
Rapsody, 6 months I still have no idea what happened. They put me in a traveling cage and we drove to a cat show. I was exposed to a lot of people who all wanted to look at me. Then suddenly they all started clapping their hands and gave me this funny shaped eating bowl telling me I was the Favorite Cat of the Judge.

Worst thing was that when I finally managed to bite off the lid there was no food in it! What price for a cat is that to give?

Isn't it feeding time yet?

Hi, I am Rapsody. 

I can speak Danish, as I was imported from Denmark to the Netherlands. I always knew that I wanted to have kittens one day.

And now, I have a son who is a CFA grand champion living in sunny California, who even made me a grandmother!


Kenzo, 4 years
Becky,  4 years
Father: Eur. Ch. Mega Kenzo
Mother: Ch. Becky the Nature Cat
Do you recognize me? 
I am the "Back to Index Girl"
The ''Back to Index Girl''
TT Health Logo Health test data for Rapsody (Born: 22-Jun-1996) (Explanation)
Year 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002
HCM         Apr: Clear   Oct: Clear 
Hips   Dec: approved by vet   Apr: OFA good       
Patella   Apr: Clear          
PKD             Oct: Clear 
Pedigree Statistics: COI: 17.4 % Clones: 20.3 % Top 5: 67.6 %        
19 July 2003 Rapsody died shortly after the birth of her last litter, due to a reaction to the anaesthetics used during cesarean operation.
We will remember Rapsody as a very caring mother for her kittens and a cat with many cosy lap hours.
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