First Lady Frances

Franny is our first purebred cat. It all started out with her. After we had lost our last household pet Piepie, she took the first rank in our house. 

We are at he lowest rank ourselves - of course.

Franny at 9 years Franny is a tortoiseshell, a tortie without any marking.

On the picture: 9 years old

''Granny'' Franny in the garden
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Some people think we keep owls in our living room when they first spot Franny's eyes...

Yes, -- Mother is watching you...

Franny, 2,5 yrHere I am laying on the tiles of the back yard. With a dark coat you learn quickly to stay in the shade, or cool down on light coloured stones.

Guess what, my mother is completely white! My father is completely red and I was born together with two white kittens and three "real color" tabby's. No, we really all have the same father!

Chissy, 6 years (spayed)
Int. Ch.
Yankee Pearl Lady Chisum
Reddy, 6 years (neutered) Gr. Int. Ch.
Red Pepper Child of Maine
TT Health Logo Health test data for Franny (Born: 14-Mar-1994) (Explanation)
Year 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2002
HCM         Apr: Clear    
Hips         Apr: OFA good    
Patella Mar: Good            
Pedigree Statistics: COI: 15.6 % Clones: 11.9 % Top 5: 65.5 %        

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