Dutch Maine Coon Club

Cat Show

12 March 2000, Eemnes, The Netherlands.
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Best In Show Maine Coons at the Dutch Maine Coon Club Show.

Here we present the cats that were awarded Best in Show.

We hope that you enjoy this small impression of this Special Show, where we celebrated
the 10 year existence of our Dutch Maine Coon Club!
Neuters and Spays:  
Neuter: Dynamicats Gameboy
owner Jeffrey Weeteling (Best Neuter/Spay)
Spay: Kumskaka Cover Girl
owner Mark Fransdonk
Female kitten 3-6 months:
M.Kathadin's Chicane
owner Bettina van Hintum
Female Kitten 6-10 monhts:
Ailuro's Janis Joplin
owner Bettina van Hintum and Cathy Krouwel
Male kitten 3-6 months:
Moulincrecy Paramount
owner Ineke Dirksen
Male kitten 6-10 months:
Lovelyness Tyberian Sun (Best Kitten)
owner Rob and Inge Schopman
Best Veteran:  
Patchwork's Trapper
owner Henk and Greet Janse
Males and Females:  
Tricks and Tails' Sue Haley
owner Manon Leiner
Apache of Jolly Jaccoons (Best Male/Female)
owner Jacqueline Savelsberg
Best of Best Maine Coon:
Lovelyness Tyberian Sun

We want to congratulate all the winners and thank our Dutch Maine Coon Club for organising this great show!

Astrid & Leo Straver

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