Dutch Maine Coon Club

Cat Show

12 March 2000, Eemnes, The Netherlands.
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Best Maine Coons 1999 of the Dutch Maine Coon Club

Here we present the cats that were awarded as Best Maine Coons 1999.
We have pictured the cats that were present at the special MC Club Show, where the awards were handed over to the proud owners of the cats.

We hope that you enjoy this small impression of this Special Show, where we celebrated
the 10 year existence of our Dutch Maine Coon Club!
1. Dynamicats Gameboy
2. Charming Coon's Twilight Zone
3. The Dorsai Finn Mac Cumail  
4. Mount Queenie's China Girl
5. Maine's Magic Ryan
1. Gentle Giants Carbon Hero
2. Raquelle van Coon Harbour
    Charming Coon's Okeefenokee
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3. Saska-Khan Tari
4. Scarlet van Mandango
5. Tricks and Tails' Sue Haley
1. Coco de Chanel van Ravelingen
2. Nirvana van Coon Harbour
3. Latanya Spirit of Maine
4. Dynamicats Banshee
5. Raquelle van Coon Harbour
1. Sarafina's Back Street Boy
2. Charming Coon's Okeefenokee
3. Apache of Jolly Jaccoons
4. Rapido Touch of Fantasy
5. Oakenshield Cheyenne Calhoa

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Astrid & Leo Straver

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